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Espresso Automatic Coffee Machine - Full Black Matte

Espresso Automatic Coffee Machine - Full Black Matte

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Indulge in the world of coffee with our Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine. From freshly ground beans to rich aromas, this machine offers a delightful array of beverages at your fingertips. It boasts a convenient steam wand for crafting milk-based drinks and features advanced Thermoblock technology, maintaining water at the ideal temperature for perfect coffee brewing. With its built-in grinder, you'll savor the authentic flavor of freshly ground beans. The 'One Touch' function simplifies your coffee routine, delivering your favorite brews with a single touch. Compact and efficient, it's a space-saving addition to your kitchen, and the stainless steel steam wand ensures flawless milk foam. With a 19-bar pump pressure, it consistently extracts espresso to perfection, offering six coffee drink options, hot water, and steam functions for a complete coffee experience.

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